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Each child will have a reading book which they are encouraged to read at home.  There are a selection of book available at school along with a reading challenge list, a set of recommended reads suitable for children in Class 3.  It is still important to listen to your child read, checking their understanding of vocabulary and inference and deduction skills.  When you listen to your child read please record this in their home school diary.  


Children will receive a piece of maths and literacy homework every Monday.  They should complete this and hand this in the following Monday.  Both pieces of homework will be based on activities covered at some point in the class and therefore the children have knowledge of how to do these.  Along with this children may receive a topic or science piece of homework.   All due dates for homework are indicated on the slip stuck in the children’s home school diaries.

Welcome to Class 3's Information Page

Class 3

Topic: Scandinavia; Vikings

Science: Living Things and Habitats

PSHE: Secrets of Success; Friendships

RE: Hinduism; Judaism

ICT: Scratch; Crumblebot

PE: Swimming; Table Tennis; Dance

Music: Singing

French: les animax

N.B. Topic covers Art, DT, History and Geography




If your child has guitar lessons at school these will take place on Monday afternoons with Mr Butcher.  

Additional Information

The children have been given a home school diary.  This is used to record any key messages and when your child has read their reading book to an adult or independently.  If you would like to send in a little message into school it can be written in here, there is a space for parents to write.  I will check these on a daily basis; it therefore needs to be in school everyday and I will sign them at the end of each week.  I would be grateful if parents could do the same please.

Class Routines

The children should  be organised and ready for each lesson.  They should all be equipped with a pencil case which contains some key items; pencil, rubber, ruler and sharpener.  They must have a book bag containing their reading book, home school diary, homework folder/book and letters.  Each child should have a rucksack which is large enough to fit all of their things inside. Each child has a timetable and things to remember list stuck in their home school diaries.  

Mrs Baker-Daniels

Years 4, 5 and 6

The children get to go on a residential trip whilst they are in Class 3 (Year 5&6), our next residential will be in July 2019.


We take the children to the Hollowford Centre in Castleton, Derbyshire for the week where they get to try different outdoor activities which many have not tried before. The week usually concludes with a talent show which is always very popular.



Class Links

Class Newsletter

Class Newsletter

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