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federated with Witnesham Primary School

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We hope that children will take a pride in their appearance and a pride in being a member of the school community. There is a school uniform which is suitable for the activities of a modern primary school.  In the school office we keep a supply of sweatshirts, hats and t-shirts embroidered with the school name. These may be purchased at any time. Other items of uniform are widely available from most large department stores.


Winter:        GIRLS:           Red Otley Primary School sweatshirt or                  


                                           Black or grey skirt or trousers

                                           White blouse or polo top

                                           White socks or grey/black tights


                     BOYS:           Red Otley Primary School sweatshirt

                                           Black or grey trousers

                                           White shirt or polo top

                                           White or black socks


We also stock a school waterproof, reversible, fleece-lined jacket.


Summer:   GIRLS:             Red and white checked dress or grey skirt and  

                                            white blouse


                    BOYS:            Short sleeved white shirt, grey shorts


Physical Education:          Plain red polo t-shirt

                                           Plain black shorts

                                           Plain black tracksuit bottoms

                                           Plain black jumper (no hoods as these can be

                                           caught or pulled during PE)

                                           Plain white ankle socks (different to the ones worn

                                           for school, this will also help when girls wear

                                           tights for school and then have no socks for PE)  


                                           Plimsolls (optional)


We ask that all items of children’s clothing are clearly named!


There is a lost property box in the corridor. Please come and look through

it if your child loses anything.


Please note that jewellery should not be worn in school.


If children have pierced ears, studs must be removed for Physical Education

and swimming.


Click here to download a Uniform Request Form.